About us

Our ambition is simple: we make our customers better – always!

Business concept:

Independent distributer and trader

Esvama shall act as an independent, locally based distributor and trader. Our customers shall think of us as being fast, smooth to work with and accessible – while giving them access to a huge network of European- and Global traders, distributors and producers.

Focus on the polyolefins

Esvama focuses on the polyolefins (PE, PP, PS…), but we can also offer engineering plastics, master batches (CaCO3, talcum, black and white MB aso) and colors. We continuously develop our portfolio, both in depth as well as the width.

In addition to prime materials we can also offer our customers Near to Prime (NTP), Off Grade (OG) and recycled materials.

Long experience

We are the small company offering a speed and efficiency that few other suppliers can live up to. We have a long experience of the business and a good knowledge of our customers needs.

No limitations

We cooperate with a big number of small and large traders in Europe, as well as producers both locally as well as globally. Esvama is an independent supplier enabling us to offer products from many different producers, traders and distributors. We have no limitations, only opportunities!

Esvama is selling both to many of the biggest users, as well as many of the smallest. We are able to do this as we act both as a trader and as a distributor. We have a warehouse in Gothenburg and hopefully we eventually see the need to also establish warehouses in other countries.

Ted Stolt

I have worked in the plastics industry for a great majority of my business life. First at an injection molding company and after that at a few different polymer distributors and producers. I have also started up a few companies in the past, so the entrepreneurial spirit seems to be in my blood.

On the private side I am a proud father to 3 children together with my wife Caroline. We are now in the process of building us a new house so it’s a bit chaotic, but fun! We love to experience things together and try to get away on one skiing vacation a year.

Italy is a favorite country for us – both in summer and during winter time. When I don’t work or spend the time with family and friends, I try to do some work out as well – life keeps a high pace so then you need to take care of the health as well.

Christopher Holtenfjord

My name is Christopher and together with my family I live and work in Löddeköpinge, just outside of Lund, Sweden.

I’ve tried lots of different jobs and finally came to the conclusion that the plastics industry is “my” place. I have worked quite a lot down in the Alps and downhill skiing is still something I love doing and I do my best to transfer these feelings to my children..

When I’m not working I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also spend quite a few hours in the gym with Vasaloppet as set goal. Soccer in general and "Mesta Mästarna" in particular, also takes part of my life and also does my training assignments in IF Lödde. Love to travel and favourite countries are Austria and Greece.

Esvama AB

Fågel Fenix väg 3
246 42 Löddeköpinge


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