Our business partners/suppliers are very important to us, as they constitute the offer to you as our customer. Consequently, we put a lot of efforts into developing our network and work with those suppliers we think best fit with our market and customers’ needs.
We have a big network of producers, traders and distributors that we work with – with the sole focus of being able to offer our customers the best possible solution to their material needs.

It varies from small local traders and distributors to large, global producers. This mix of suppliers is what’s enabling us to work with both small- and large customers.

Esvama is an independent trader and distributor, giving us the ability to offer a wider portfolio than many others. We don’t have any obligations towards anyone, which gives us the fortunate position to act from a customer’s perspective rather than from our suppliers’ perspective. This is a major advantage for our customers!

Esvama AB

Fågel Fenix väg 3
246 42 Löddeköpinge


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