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Esvama focuses on the polyolefins (PE and PP), and other volume plastics like PS, PVC and PET. In addition to that we can also offer engineering plastics, master batches (CaCO3, talcum, black and white MB, UV...) and colors. We continuously develop our portfolio, both in depth and breadth.

In addition to prime materials we can also offer our customers Near to Prime (NTP), Off Grade (OG) and recycled materials.

New material

Near to prime

Off grade/Off spec


Material selection

Being able to offer our customer the most suitable material is all about finding a material that best meets the requirements on the product. If you choose a material with specifications that are better than necessary, then it’s likely that you end up with a cost base that is too high for the product. Whereas, if you do the opposite and go for a material that doesn’t fulfil the requirements then you risk quality- and production issues, claims aso.

Do you need a prime grade, or would a NTP (Near to prime) material do the job just as good for this specific application/product? Can you downgrade from NTP to OG (Off grade)? Could recycled material be an option? Do we fulfill the requirements on documentation with the chosen material? There are so many aspects to take into consideration and it’s our job to guide our customers in this process.


Through our suppliers we have access to a big number of different grades from warehouses throughout Europe. That enables us to also search for specific materials, when requested. So please contact us if you have specific requests and we will do our utmost to offer you what you need!

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