Sustainable distribution of polymers

Esvama is an independent, locally based distributor of polymers. We want our customers to see us as quick, agile and accessible - while giving them access to a large network of European and global suppliers.

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An independent supplier

We work with a number of large and small traders in Europe as well as both local and global producers. Esvama is an independent supplier, which allows us to offer materials from several different producers.

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and compostable

We use specially developed calcium carbonate to achieve the best mechanical performance and avoid hydrolysis so as not to break down the mechanical properties of the product. By using this technique, it is possible to have optimized particle dispersion and significantly increase the calcium carbonate content in products made from biopolymers.


A large network in the industry

We have a very wide network where we cooperate with suppliers, producers, traders and distributors in order to always provide our customers with the best possible offer.

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