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Recycling polymers

for tomorrow

We want to become Scandinavia's most sustainable distributor of polymers and work for a more circular industry. For several years now, we have been taking care of our customers' production waste and other materials that need to be regranulated. We also buy back the sacks in which the granules are delivered and ensure that they are recycled.

With our Return deposit system, we are taking another step towards the sustainable plastics industry of the future. We want to incentivise our customers to move from a linear to a circular approach by committing to buy back all the surplus material we sell to them. We do this by putting a residual value, a deposit, on the material at the time of sale.

This means that when you, as a customer, quote new projects, you can expect material costs 10-30% lower than your competitors. You leave the collection of the material to your customers. Not all material can be collected, but where it works and where the conditions are right, it will benefit the climate as well as your and your customers' finances.

We know that our customers care about the environment, but we also understand that working to improve it must become more economically viable.

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Residual value of the various

materials vary

The residual value is not general, but is set uniquely for each item. For example, it is affected by the addition of colours, minerals or other substances. Similarly, the residual value is influenced by how long and in what environments the material is expected to be used.

A sustainable and circular future

We are aware that we are not the first to set a residual value, or to have a deposit system. However, as a distributor, we can say that we guarantee a residual value throughout the product portfolio, which is something we have not seen other players do.
As a player in the market, we take our responsibility for a sustainable future very seriously and want to give our customers an economic opportunity to become more circular.

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable industry?

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