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About Esvama

The Esvama story

Back in 2013, the seed that would become Esvama was planted, when Ted and Christopher met at the preschool their children attended. Their families started hanging out, and often the two of them would talk business. Early on, they came to the conclusion that they had a consensus in how a company should be run, not least in terms of customer service, flexibility and efficiency.

Ted had extensive experience in the polymer industry and believed that if they just put their thoughts and ideas into action, they could quickly find their place in the market.

Fast and solid growth

And, with Christopher's long experience as a self-employed entrepreneur in sales, Esvama was born. There was no large capital to put into the business, so the solution was to sell on commission at first and the initial deals were made in a small office of 16 square meter. At that time, Esvama only had a few suppliers, but gradually they became more as the business increased.

The business outgrew the premises and the company moved to its current address, while employing more colleagues. In the following years, growth was strong and the company gradually gained logistical and administrative strength. Today, the company has expanded further with sales representatives in Finland, and there are plans to recruit more sales representatives as well.

Direct communication and speed

At Esvama, everything is fast. If something has been agreed upon, it takes up to a few hours before the customer has an order acknowledgement. Customers are always kept up to date in the event of any delays. At Esvama, we keep our promises, and we do our utmost to ensure that the customer receives the material in the promised time.

The Esvama journey so far has been very successful, and the few obstacles that have been overcome over the years have only made the company stronger. The plan is to continue delivering the same high quality of material while maintaining the high level of service. This is how we build even stronger growth in the years to come.

An independent, locally based distributor of polymers

Our business concept

Esvama is an independent, locally based distributor of polymers. We help companies, large and small, to get the right products at the right price, at the right time – while giving them access to a large network of European and global suppliers.

Our promise

With a high level of service and competence, we will satisfy our customers' requirements and wishes at all times. Our customers will find us fast, flexible and accessible.

Contact us

Fågel Fenix väg 3
246 42 Löddeköpinge


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Our team

Sales & Marketing Director

Christopher Holtenfjord
+46 70-731 52 97

Financial Officer

Ewa Fontaeus
+46 73-076 34 05

Logistics Manager

Jörgen Jönsson
+46 73-067 89 71

Sales Manager, Finland and the Baltics

Heli Salomaa
+46 73-328 82 98

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