Biodegradable and compostable

CARBOMAX®BIO is Carbomax's new collection of biodegradable and compostable products, rich in calcium and intended to be used with biopolymers, especially in film applications (composting film for agriculture, packaging, compostable waste bags, etc.), thermoforming and injection moulding.


Cabamix uses specially developed calcium carbonate to achieve the best mechanical performance and avoid hydrolysis so as not to degrade the mechanical properties of the product. By using this technique it is possible to have optimized particle dispersion and increase the calcium carbonate content significantly in products made from biopolymers.

100% biodegradable

The bioplastics used in our formulations are 100% biodegradable and compostable and meet the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 13432.

CARBOMAX®BIO is white and reduces the need for white masterbatch. A variety of products are available depending on the application and your needs.

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