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Plastic floating in our oceans and landfills overflowing with discarded packaging. That is a very real problem affecting big parts of our planet. It is a concern shared by individuals, communities, and policymakers alike.

Yet, amidst this chorus of concern, there's an often-overlooked truth - plastic, when managed correctly, is actually sustainable.

The solution lies in adopting the principles of reuse and recycle. When plastic products are thrown away, important resources that could have been used for making new products are lost.

While the challenges are significant, the potential for positive change is immense. Today 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions froms Swedish incinerated garbage come from plastic packaging that could have been recycled.

We must improve how we use plastic to make it more resource-efficient. Here are some pointers to think about


  • should not be consumed unless needed

  • must be reused

  • must be recycled

  • should not end up in the nature

  • cannot be a wasted resource

This is a step towards creating a circular plastic economy that eases environmental strain.

Promoting the use of 100% recyclable plastic and its proper management is a key focus for us. Esvama, as an innovative company, offers a return system for its customers to discourage linear polymer usage and encourage a circular polymer economy. We manage our customers plastic waste by ensuring they are not discarded but re-granulated and reused. By buying back, recycling and redistributing, we contribute to the circular usage of polymers.

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